Live Streaming Vehicle Camera DVR


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  • Real-Time Viewing/Monitoring of assets, perimeter/vehicles via 3G connection, from PC or Android Device,
  • GPS Locations &amb; Trip/Event Replay,
  • Wi-Fi ready, Auto data download to home Based Server PC,
  • Dual Stream for Recording and GSM Network transmitting via the 3G Network.
  • Download &amb; Replay Historical video data by exact Time/Date,
  • Up to 16 x Cameras can be installed in any customer specific location,
  • MVS Software Supports PTZ Camera control,
  • Built-in G-sensor for collision or breach alarms.
  • Event Recording, 15 seconds Pre- event/alarm between 30s-30min Post-event/alarm recording,
  • OSD: Driver Name, Vehicle ID, Date, Time, Company Name, etc.
  • Hard Drive data storage: up to 1TB,
  • Multiple Digital inputs, e.g. cargo bay, door open/close, SOS, perimeter breach, etc.
  • Multiple Outputs, e.g. over-speed audible warning buzzer, gate/door open, etc.
  • Web based Management Vehicle Software, Username &amb; Password protection,
  • OTA (over the air ) upgrading &amb; (vehicle) information configuration,
  • Suggested Camera Monitoring options: Road-Ahead, In-Cab, Trailers/Goods in Transit