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The GO7-iOX Expandable Telematics Unit

The worlds first expandable telematics platform, allowing add on of 3rd party applications such as temperature monitoring, and integrating the data into the Geotab Checkmate reporting and monitoring software.

The unit is a plug-and-play design that connects directly to a vehicles OBD port, thus also allowing the monitoring of engine data.

Advanced positioning and monitoring algorithms result in one of the highest accuracy levels within the industry with 99.9% accuracy against vehicle actual distances and routes travelled.

Manufacturing quality controls ensures one of the lowest failure rates in the industry at less than 1%.

Checkmate Hosted Software

Checkmate hosted reporting and analysis software is the industries leading fleet monitoring tool, allowing you to create and generate customised reporting and exceptions that suits your business.

Geotab SDK

Geotab SDK allows creation of customised applications by external developers to further enhance the value that can be extracted by the Geotab telematics solution.

Software Security

MyGeotab is a web-based software, using SaaS technology - storing data in one of the largest data centres in the world. The servers are updated daily, sit behind a firewall, and use industry best practises. You can export your data at any time and run the vehicle tracking software in your local environment. Your data is always kept safe and secure, and is only accessible under strict password control that's authorized by Geotab Support.