About Us


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Company History

Starting with a Tachograph division in 1995, Tacho Namibia was born out of the need to implement Electronic-, Software- and Satellite Technology, to assist with the management of personnel and vehicles. Twenty five years later, we provide critical management information and innovative control systems to our clientele, pertaining to their fixed and movable assets, through an established Business Partner, such as vehicles, personnel, resources, animals, etc.

Our distributor-, dealer- and trade networks ensure that the end user is always able to secure localized support and professional service.

By always staying up to date and utilizing state of the art technology and software solutions, we have grown and adapted from the analogue technologies that was used in the past decades, to the latest next generation applications.

Our successes has therefore realized not as much from our ability to always be able to be on the forefront of the latest innovations, methods, technology and applications in our field of service, but because of our thorough experience of what our clients’ really need. Currently we proudly serve more than 800 corporate and private clients in Namibia, each with unique needs, circumstances and requirements. In this we provide turnkey solutions for each single one of them.

Today we’re proud to be a non - racial business with a 35% BEE compliance. Our eight highly skilled employees consist of different backgrounds such as Oshiwambo, Damara, Nama, English, German and Afrikaans.

What we do

We always save our client’s money by solving problems and offering asset management solutions. Our solutions effectively implements control and management solutions of their assets and its utilization. Our main fields of expertise are in Time and Attendance Systems, Fleet Management and Access Control.

Automotive Instrumentation

Supply/Service of Tachometers & Instrumentation clusters. Services include cabling, transmitters, ratio-boxes, angle drives and calibration.

Field of Speciality

Our speciality is Fleet Management. Through the implementation of trend setting Fleet Management Solutions, our dedicated involvement empowers our customers to maximize revenues by preventing pilferage, unauthorised usage and theft. We commit to drastically reduce fleet expenditure and risks of accidents, while increasing security, safety and fleet efficiency, by implementation of a transparent system of accountability wherein all concerned parties are required to assume responsibility for action.